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A memorable day with super hero Nivin Pauly!

Did we hear right? Nivin Pauly, Captain said. One of the brightest stars of Mollywood with a string of hits was descending on our humble hideout! It was not going to be just another Monday (14th September 2015). We started scurrying about, sprucing up the place.

Nivin Pauly had captured the hearts of millions of fans through his spectacular acting in ‘Premam’. It turned out to be a cult movie. And now he is launching his own production house. He wanted Eunoians to create the logo for his production house, Pauly Jr. The first movie production of Pauly Jr., ‘Action Hero Biju’ is being released. And the logo has to be ready for the occasion. What an exciting start for the day! 

02A majestic Audi drew up to our gate at 2 pm sharp. It was not the Premam persona that we’d expected of Nivin, but a more subdued disciplined gentleman who rang our bell. No wonder, he was coming straight from the location of ‘Action Hero Biju’ in which he play the realistic role of a sub inspector of police in one of the crime ridden areas of Kochi. With him was Althaf, the director of his next movie.

Nivin was the opposite of the typical tinsel world hero, sans airs and pretensions. He was one of us for all the four hours he spent with us. He was interested in our work and keenly watched our videos and other digital work. He explained patiently to Unni what he’d come for. Althaf wanted Eunoians to do some posters for the new movie he’s directing. It was a very productive four hours.

After savouring with pleasure the special tea Mithun made, Nivin left after winning us over, hands down. And he didn’t forget to wish Eunoians success. The autograph he left with was special… ’Fly together’. As we watched him leave with a friendly wave of the hand, we wished there were more such celluloid heroes. Heroes abundantly talented, but simple and unaffected, happily mingling with ordinary mortals.

03The least we could do was trooping out that evening to watch ’Action Hero Biju’. It was really a refreshing experience. It’s a down to earth movie depicting faithfully the everyday life of a police officer without the bluster and the swagger. It could be yet another hit a la Premam. Nivin has scored once again! Wish you the very best, friend!

As to the logo, Unni presented three designs to Nivin. He selected one based on letters with a black and yellow clolour combination. And it has hit the screens with a bang!